Marketing + The Content Matrix

With Google’s ever-evolving algorithms shifting in favor of quality over quantity, your enterprise or personal brand should focus on vamping up its content marketing tactics. I found this awesome graphic via Distilled, “The Content Matrix,” which helps guide any business in their marketing pursuits. As I myself am a Marketing Associate at Shoplet, my responsibilities tend to lean more towards the “Entertainment” & “Education” categories, but Shoplet’s marketing team, in sum, covers every single category to a tee.


In Hannah Smith’s Distilled article, a number of crucial questions are proposed that every marketer should consider when building an online brand identity. For instance, Smith propositions “Why do you need both emotional & rational appeal?,” only to explain that whatever content you produce should somehow tickle the fancy of both the “emotional” type AND the “rational” type of person. People, after all, respond to each facet of media in different ways. Smith further clarifies, “on your product pages you’ll probably have details about your product (largely rational appeal) and customer reviews (largely emotional appeal).” In essence, you want to “cover all angles,” because the quality of your content is gauged by many perspectives- you want to ensure that your brand leaves an excellent impression with each and every perspective accordingly.

And for the physical stuff- the “real life” impressions- marketing quality can be measured in promotional tee shirts, tote bags, and pens (which all happen to be available at the one and only Shoplet Promos!).