A True Salesman

The very essence of a salesman is a person employed to represent a business and to sell its merchandise (as to customers in a store or to customers who are visited.
This is a fantastic rendition of what a salesman could be however I take it all in stride. In my opinion a true salesman sells nothing tangible but a salesman should be considered to be a relationship builder. When I use the term “relationship builder” this encompasses many aspects of the trade starting from day one of sales.

The first endeavor a salesman sets out to do is to reach a specific audience which will in turn become a hot lead. This hot lead will become a first time sale and that will lead to cyclical business. In a perfect world this sounds great but let’s be real here folks in a perfect world what will bring you the highest level of cyclical business?

How many times have you gone out to dinner to a local restaurant or have gone shopping at a local boutique and find that you return to that business because of the relationships that you build with an owner or worker? The food might not be the best or the prices in that boutique might not have been the best but you will return because you enjoy the company in that setting. The worker has done his or her job by building that relationship with you driving sales and bringing you back once more. That is a perfect sale without selling anything! Relationship building, befriending of all possible clients and trust building are all necessary ingredients that will build your client base raising your sales way past your quota!

Build those relationships whether on the phone or door to door you will be a true success in your realm of the sales arena!!

  • People do business with people they know and trust – they don’t do business with companies. I agree with your blog entry for sure. In sales your job is to develop trust and then create a need for your product/service in the “hot leads” eye so that it is their idea that they need to buy. In an ideal situation you shouldn’t need to aggressively “close” the deal.

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