Social Media Cues 101

Social Media Cues 101 pt2

It’s no secret that social media has forever changed the way that professionals campaign in the market today.  Whether you are promoting a Fortune 500 company or your own personal brand, social media is vital for providing inanimate products with personality and building lasting relationships between you and your consumers. By utilizing the following social conduct tips your social media presence will thrive.

Be conversational. Two factors that allow social to be so instrumental are speed and accessibility. With the touch of a button, information is dispersed instantaneously and can be viewed through a variety of channels. Once your post is out in the view of the virtual world, followers are enabled to share their opinions with peers that they otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to meet physically. The easiest way to get people chatting is by engaging them in valuable conversations that pertain to topics relevant to their everyday life.

In an age where everyone wants to be a thought leader in their field, it is important to keep your company at the forefront of your audience’s memory. For every product that you can make relatable to the consumer’s daily routine you are building another lasting relationship and positioning your brand at the top of their purchasing list. Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn lend themselves as platforms for open conversation between professionals and customers. The integral tools (i.e. the Like button, Google+ Share button, and the Retweet button) in these networks are intrinsic ways to measure societies’ feelings toward your brand.

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Be responsive to your audience. If you choose to start a conversation be sure to stay interactive in it. How would you feel if someone on the street asked you a question and then walked away before you had a chance to answer? Make sure to respond to Twitter mentions, Facebook comments, etc in a thorough and timely fashion.

Don’t overdo it. Although consistent involvement in social media is imperative, the biggest faux pas marketers make is oversaturating their consumers with a content blitz. The timing and scheduling of your posts are vital. Posting fewer strategic posts a day will be more beneficial than posting random information every three minutes. The customer would like to believe that they are following an authentic brand and not an information spewing machine. Contribute to your own posts!

Taking all of this into consideration- if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Stick to what you’re good at and to what makes sense for your business. Just because your competitor utilizes Pinterest doesn’t mean that you have to. Instead of spreading your social team too thin, solidify your presence on the social channels that are producing the best results for your brand. If your audience is visual we’d suggest posting more visual content on Instagram rather than something super verbose on LinkedIn. Cement yourself as a leader on a couple mediums rather than mediocre across a bunch.