What’s Really a Deal?


“An agreement between parties”
This phrase listed above has many complex components encompassing a wide range of rules and regulations.
When a typical salesman or saleswoman closes a deal or puts a deal in place this is the first step of cyclical business. As we saw last week in “The Relationship Building” post the deal that was truly in the works from initial contact between salesperson and customer has come to fruition. This is a wonderful time for that salesperson to look back and see how it all began as an initial greeting to a presentation then to a review of content finally to a deal closing ritual known as the old fashioned handshake.

Now let’s take a closer look at this time line of events. Let’s be honest folks everyone develops and maintains relationships in different ways. For instance some sales people are extremely aggressive and they will harass the customer in order to close the deal and others are more relaxed and passive in their deal closing. Both approaches have the same goal in mind as well as a deal to close but which one is truly the best way to do things?

How many times have you been in a situation where an aggressive salesperson has approached you to purchase either a service or a product by suggestive selling? A perfect example is the realm of auto sales, some may refer to these salespeople as animals…But they get the job done!!!
Then we can look at the laid back passive salesperson who is very gentle with the potential customer and suggests a few products or services and backs off. Is this a real salesperson or is this just a body in the store?

Well folks one will never know what closes the deal or what personality is needed to be successful. Everyday deals are closed in all businesses and huge amounts of cash are exchanged but we will never know what goes on in the minds of the final decision maker!!!

All salespeople go out there and close those deals!!!

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