fashionable school supplies from NY’s 2010 FNO

Fashion Night Out was a crazy event this year! It was hard to decide whether you should head to Bergdorf’s for a celebrity dog show, watch Vanessa Carlton perform at Ann Taylor, or visit all the hip little shops in Soho. In the end, we spent some time on 5th Avenue and after a 1/2 hour of getting shoved around by the crowd, we headed to the more quiet West Village. All the events were pretty much over and things were quieting down. The perfect time to visit BookMarc! Marc Jacobs seems to own every space on Bleeker in that area and his new bookstore is a great addition. Go there for fashionable school supplies and a very nice book collection. I need to go back and read everything! Photos below were taken with my iPhone but head to New York Times to see stuff a little nicer. (please note the Marc Jacob Sharpies!)

  • Kids are very lucky now a day to have such fashionable school supplies available for them. When we were shopping for the kids stuff I was totally impressed with the designs of lanyards and ID card holder. It was not on our list but we bought some.

  • Gosh I wish they made those when I went to school. The cutest backpack they had was a blue jansport.ick!