Care Share Grow Twitter Party

Before we get into the details of the Twitter Party, I’d like to share something dear to me with all of you.

I have been writing for you guys for over a year now as the voice of Shoplet’s blog. Bringing you giveaways, chats, videos and interesting content ranging from back to school supplies to environmental issues has been a great joy for me. We like to keep topics light and breezy, but this week has brought me great sadness. The only way I can express this is to come to you not as an enterprise, but as a living breathing human being. My story is something that I feel I must share and I am sure many of you have faced similar experiences and loss. It is the very reason why Care Share Grow and other environmental initiatives are so important.

BeforeMy name is Jessica and I grew up in the small neighborhood in Queens called Woodhaven. Growing up, my tree lined street was filled with young families and lots of kids playing outdoors. Just a few houses down from ours stood a massive London Plant tree. This tree was our “safe” zone when the neighborhood kids and I played Tag or Red Light/ Green Light. It was the tree my mother warned me never to ride my bike past, so I would never be out of her eyeshot. It was the tree that stood in as a replacement double dutch rope turner, held up weekend yard sale signs and provided shade for our summer block parties. It was a part of our neighborhood and more importantly, all of our childhood memories.

Yesterday, on my way home from the office, I was greeted by the sight of this magnificent tree stripped bare with an orange spray painted X and a removal flyer stapled to it. All that stood was a bare trunk. All of it’s beautiful branches had been cut off and discarded. The rest was awaiting to be removed the very next day. It stood like a scared child. Completely vulnerable, exposed, weak and there was nothing any of us could do to save it.

IMAG2930.jpgThe next morning I awoke to the sounds of chainsaws and other removal equipment and just like that, our tree was gone. Reduced to an unsightly stump that will never be removed to make room to plant a replacement for what was lost. It’s now a constant reminder of the fragility of our environment and the thoughtlessness of people.

I asked the workers why they were removing the tree. Was it infested with something? Internal rot? There had to have been a reason. They said it was deemed a hazard because it leaned ever so slightly to one side. When I asked why couldn’t efforts be made to balance the tree by trimming using counter weight. All I got was a shrug. My street which at one time boasted almost 10 trees is currently down to only 2. I felt so wronged that I couldn’t help but mourn the loss of this tree and cried as if I had lost a member of my own family. In essence, I have.

Tree 2

Other stumps within a 2 block radius. The MTA decided to use this one to hold up a bus stop.

This is a big problem facing so many neighborhoods across NYC and many other inner city areas. Trees are being carelessly cut down and stumps left to rot, leaving no room for replanting. Woodhaven can no longer stay true to it’s name now that all that is left are tree stumps scattered throughout the neighborhood.

It’s why Care Share Grow is so important not only to Shoplet as as company, but to the whole of our planet. Every adult tree that is cut down robs 2 people of a lifetime of clean air.

JOIN US for a very special CSG event.

Thursday August 6th from 4-5pm EST

Follow @Shoplet on Twitter using the hashtag #careSHAREgrow to join the convo.

Lets do what we can to make a difference and replace what has been lost over the years. Tell us your childhood memories and nature stories. We will have lots of green and eco friendly prizes in store for you guys too. Stay tuned for a preview coming next week.

On behalf of of Shoplet, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for caring and taking the time to do what you can to live a greener healthier life. It’s my hope as well as the hope of all of us here at Shoplet that future generations can enjoy the natural world and have the same wonderful memories that many of us have. See you guys soon!

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    love your chats lets grow some trees #careSHAREgrow