Dive Into Our #careSHAREgrow World Water Day Prize Preview!

This time around, our #careSHAREgorw Twitter Party falls on none other than World Water Day. This month’s topic will be especially important given president Trump’s recent decision to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Our hopes are that president Trump stays true to his promise to renegotiate US participation in the Paris Accord. Until then, it’s more important than ever to talk about what we as individuals can do to make our planet greener. According to Business Insider, the U.S. is responsible for 28% of the world’s global emissions from 1890-2011. It is now up to us at the state, local and individual level to make things better. In the midst of uncertain times, there is always an opportunity to rise above!

Join us tomorrow at 4pm EST for some serious beach talk and tree planting! As always, every tweet plants a tree so make sure to invite your friends and tweet your hearts out! We need it now more than ever! We’ve got some fun trivia and prizes lined up for you guys too. All of our prizes are either made of recycled materials, are sustainable, or are recyclable upon end use. We also have a few items that are made in America! There’s lots in store so make sure to join! Here’s the info.

world oceans day inviteSo, wanna know what’s in store for you this time around. Here’s a little sneak peed at what you can expect at tomorrow Party.

Steel master cash box

This cash box is the perfect solution for keeping your small valuables safe. You can use this box as a petty cash safe or you can get creative and store expensive jewelry or your rare coin collection. This box features a tiered tray which allows full view of all of the available compartments. It also features a five compartment coin tray and four bill weights at the bottom. The push-button catch and release lid makes opening and closing this box super easy.

MeadHere’s just one of the MANY super cute spring themed bundles we have lined up for this month’s twitter party. We love this cute little furry friends bundle. We’re going to keep the rest a secret but rest assured, there’s lots of color to be had!

MMFThis MMF Standard Medical Box is perfect for anyone who is looking for a safe place to store their prescription medications. This box features a combination lock so you won’t have to worry about keeping track of keys. The interior is super roomy and the unit can be mounted into any wall for added safety.

We’re super excited to chat with all of you and share your ideas about how to live a greener, cleaner life. We look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow!