Ready For a Little Coffee Talk During Our Next #careSHAREgrow Event?

A day without coffee is like… just kidding. We have no idea what a day without coffee is like, but it sounds awful! If you can’t imagine starting your day without your beloved cop of Joe, then this is DEFINITELY the Twitter Party for you! We’re celebrating the almighty bean with our next #careSHAREgrow event so make sure to grab yourself a warm cup of something delicious and join us! Did you guys know that coffee comes from a tree? Yep! your beloved bean starts off growing on the coffea tree and eventually blossoms into a tiny red fruit. the fruit is then processed which reveals the bean. Your beans are then treated and roasted to perfection. That’s why we thought it would be fun to dedicate May’s #careSHAREgrow event to the coffee bean. With every share of our hashtag, we will plant a tree in your honor. Currently we’re in the 100,0000 club but we’re slowly making our way to our goal of 1 million trees! Check us out on’s page.

Untitled-1If coffee is the foundation of your food pyramid, then make sure to mark your calendars and get ready for some fun trivia questions! We have a latte to talk about (Ok, that was corny). For all the newcomers out there, it’s super easy to join our #careSHAREgrow Twitter conversations- all you need to do is follow @Shoplet on Twitter! We like to ask trivia questions throughout the event, so make sure to tweet us your answers for a chance to win some sweet prizes. This month’s Twitter party will focus on The magic of coffee and we will have a super secret prize preview coming soon. Until then, make sure to have your favorite brew ready and we look forward to chatting with you guys soon! Mmmm, we can really use a cup right about now!

Make sure to RSVP by tweeting a message to us!

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