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Summer Promos

Summer Promos 2 Summer Promos

Summer is about to kick off and the streets are buzzing with festivals, parades, concerts, showcases and tons of other events. Over the weekend, Shoplet Promos took advantage of the beautiful weather to check out the sights and sounds of the NY summer scene. With so much pedestrian traffic, it’s no wonder that so many companies were out and about promoting their brand!

We visited pop up’s, samplers, street teams, merchandise booths, event staff, sponsors, vendors and guerilla marketers. Everyone was on top of their promotional game with some great events set up to engage the locals with their brand.  We headed to 2 of NYC’s summer festivals. First, we visited the Broadway Summer Fest in Times Square followed by the Northside Festival in Brooklyn. As we all know, where there’s a promotion, there are promotional products!

Northside Summer Promos

Northside festival: Williamsburg Brooklyn

We asked these well seasoned promotional pros 2 key questions. What makes a superstar brand ambassador, and what kinds of giveaways do consumers love the most? Here’s how they responded!


Kyle- Post Foods

post2 Summer Promos

Kyle sampling popular cereals for Post Foods.

“As a brand ambassador, it’s important to have enthusiasm and energy. You need to be able to turn up the energy when it’s go time. When it comes to giveaways, people love free stuff. If you are only handing out flyers, people could care less. There is nothing in it for them other than a piece of paper. People want something they can tangibly take away. That tends to be a lot more successful.”


Veronica- Oscar Insurance

Oscar Summer Promos

Representative at the “Oscar Lounge” At Northside Festival.

“At Oscar, It’s all about being very human, simple and transparent about what we do. We look for people who are friendly and approachable with tons of personality. It’s important that our people can also speak about Oscar because they experience the brand and who we are first hand. Our giveaways are great! At most of our events we have these awesome tote bags and hand sanitier that have a little bit of branding and a witty saying. They are really useful and great quality. They seem to do really well. We also partner with another company called Brewla because insurance can sometimes be kind of dry. Together we can offer healthy treats to our potential Oscar customers. A healthcare company and healthy treats are a good thing!”

Oscar2 Summer Promos

Beautifully branded hand sanitizer from Oscar Insurance.

Diana- Brewla Bars

Brewla1 Summer Promos

“As a brand ambassador, you have to understand the brand. It helped me so much that I have been involved with Brewla for such a long time. I know the co-owners, their mission and what the brand stands for. Aside from our product sampling, we get excellent feedback on our t-shirts. The slogan is a little cheeky and people really seem to like that.”

brewla2 Summer Promos

Delicious Brewla samples.


Marie- Chalk Gym

“There are a few qualities that make for a great brand ambassador. You have to be personable and happy with vibrant energy. As a brand ambassador, you have to represent the brand in the best way possible, which also includes knowing the brand inside and out. When it comes to promotional items, goodie bags are number one. When people don’t know what’s in the bag, it makes them want to take it to find out. Flyers alone are much harder. People aren’t interested unless you have a whole theme or production accompanying the flyer. It’s much harder.

Chalk Summer Promos

Buff Bods repping Chalk Gym

Walden- Chalk Gym

“As a brand ambassador, you must have exceptional social skills, be able to approach people and be outgoing. When it comes to promotional giveaways, people love free stuff. Anything that people can get a use out of is always good.”

Well, there ya have it folks! Here were some other great events that we stumbled across at the festivals!


keurig2 Summer Promos

Keurig brewing up some brand excitement with complementary beverages for concert attendees.

Keirug3 Summer Promos

Keurig condiment station.

keurig Summer Promos

Crafting some coffee magic with K-cups.

We were so happy to see our friends at Keurig! Check out their line at!

Northside2 Summer Promos

Northside Festival event staff wearing cool tees and lanyards.


netflix 3 Summer Promos

Netflix “Orange is the New Black” ice cream truck. Everyone loves free ice cream!

Netflix2 Summer Promos

Netflix “Orange is the New Black”. Customers get cool promotional posters with their cone.

Netflix Summer Promos

Netflix “Orange is the New Black” mug shot photo op wall.

moma Summer Promos

The Museum of Modern Art staff strike a pose in awesome and artsy branded tees.

Merch Summer Promos

The Northside Festival merchandise booth carried an assortment of promotional items for purchase.

merch 2 Summer Promos

Awesome Northside Festival branded water bottles.

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