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best of office weekend roundup 59

I don’t have a child or an iPad but I would totally do this binder clip lock idea if I had both on Makezine Aren’t these paper cups the cutest? They might be cuter than those white ones you have at the office. Get them from Paper Mash The evolution of memory storage organized neatly [keep reading…]

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Stamp Pad Test

I’m really into stamps and stamp pads these days so I thought I’d share some things I’ve learned. Always always go for stamps that are made for the Office or archival or use some sort of industrial words in the title. Never ever choose washable Kid’s stamps (unless they are for kids of course!) The [keep reading…]

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Avery Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to our winners – Carolyn B., DIYSARA, and Marsha W! Thanks for sharing all your great ways to use Avery products. Lately I’ve been using labels to decorate my stuff and I love Shel’s idea to use NoteTabs to make stencils. I think I’ll try that next! Our next giveaway is up – Win [keep reading…]

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Decorate with Avery Labels

I live in a big apt building where it’s customary to leave the stuff you want to giveaway in the lobby. A few days ago I grabbed an envelope of Avery mailing labels knowing that I would figure out something to do with them. Last night, when I was watching The Office, I decorated a [keep reading…]

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Avery Summer Product Giveaway!

Our weekly giveaway for this week is sponsored by Avery! Basically, I should say I’m jealous of everyone who gets to enter this. We’ll be picking THREE WINNERS that will each receive: -An Avery Branded Ogio Cooler -Durable view binder -Index Maker dividers -Insertable dividers w/pockets -Write-On dividers -Hi-liter pack of four -Glue Stics -NoteTabs [keep reading…]

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fun with feather stationery

I picked up a bunch of feathers that fell from a feather boa thinking I might make some cool stationery with it. I’ll admit I do like feathers, especially if they are bright bright colors. I stuck some to a pencil using scotch tape and some to my favorite postcards – Avery textured postcards- using [keep reading…]