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sticky note friday

I have a nice little stash of Post-It flags and Avery NoteTabs and I thought why not decorate my screen? The secret surprise was that neither of these items left any sticky stuff on my screen. Which was amazing, especially for the Avery NoteTabs. The entire thing is super sticky and they peeled off very [keep reading…]

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$200 Avery Gift Bags for 3 Winners!

I couldn’t be more excited about our weekly giveaway for this week. 3 Winners will win a $200 prize pack from Avery! In your package you will get.. 5160 White Address Labels 5660 Clear Address Labels 5029 Clear Filing Labels 8317 Ivory Note Cards w/envelopes 11133 Ready Index 8 tab 11416 Index Maker 5 tab [keep reading…]

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Avery on TV!

I was very excited to see the new Avery commercials on TV a few days ago! Why was I so excited? I guess that is kind of weird. Watch: I love love Avery Label Pads and Avery NoteTabs. The packaging and the actual product are beautifully designed. Great colors, great functionality! I wish I had [keep reading…]

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Label Your Spices with Avery

You’re thinking we are trying to make a huge push for Avery products right now, aren’t you? I promise that we love Avery just like we love all the rest. This post was inspired by one of our product reviewers who said.. “The product was shipped the next day after I ordered it and it [keep reading…]

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SPOTTED: Avery Binders in Vogue

This is when you know you have a problem. When you start noticing office supplies in places you would never expect. In the Vogue July 2010 magazine there is a photo shoot entitled The Bright Side. Subtext reads – “The Season’s looking optimistic with sharp, vivid accessories loaded with character, color us Happy! (see more [keep reading…]

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52 Great Office Supply Logos

Inspired by Logo Design Works. There is nothing like a colorful, shiny, clean logo. Every time I create a banner or email or any sort of promotional material, I take mental notes on the brands we carry that have the best logos or best websites (will post someday..) or best marketing materials. The Office Supply [keep reading…]

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Make Your Own Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are becoming a little more scarce these days. I was shocked to hear that some people don’t send thank you notes for their wedding presents anymore! Crazy. I’ve been thinking about/ working on my thank you cards for months after getting married back in November. I finally finished and wanted to share [keep reading…]