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Thank you Bandaids

I think all of us owe band-aids a big thank you.  Last year I did a post on duct-tape band-aids and last week we got a product review from a customer who said “gave them as stocking stuffers to hubby and father-in-law (as a joke) but they work better than any other bandage we’ve ever [keep reading…]

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Band Your BooBoo

So I got a little papercut this morning taking some paper out of the printer (yawwwouch!) and it got me thinking, how is it possible that something as seemingly harmless as a piece of paper can actually cut through your skin and hurt so bad? So I did a little research: According to Wikipedia: Although [keep reading…]

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Duct Tape Fix Alls

We’ve all seen the duct tape wallets, duct tape roses, duct tape folders, and yes even duct tape covered boats.  Have you seen duct tape bandages? and duct tape diet books? Nexcare 3M Duct Tape Bandages [via Red Ferret] Looking around on the internet it seems like some are impressed, some are not so impressed. [keep reading…]