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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 156

I want this crayon necklace! Office Supply Motorcycle! This pencil case has a billion compartments! What to do with that old basketball i like this pencil case A plush giraffe pencil case Best grasshopper Stapler Hang pot lids with S hooks and binder clips Lion

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 152

Hey cool earring! Great idea! I watched a lot of Blackadder growing up – one time he said: Blackadder: Madam, life without you is like a broken pencil. Queen Elizabeth: Explain. Blackadder: Pointless. Love this idea of interactive sculptures that you can destroy! Binder clip

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Binder Clip Bag

The mother of all bags. Someone better contact Peter Bristol to get this thing made. Wool felt and aluminum tube – a giant binder clip to hold all your stuff!

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 140

The perfect eraser lid! Evil iPod Print Hello Kitty label maker New weird tumblr to follow – The Lives and Deaths of Academic Library Staplers Tic Tac Box is the perfect pencil sharpener companion! Beautiful artwork made with thumb prints – Judith ann Braun

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Umbra in Your Office

Ping pong, ping pong! Every office should have ping pong. (remember my post about ping pong in the office? I may have to do another one of those soon) You could get this little set and play in the conference room! I really want their

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Office Supplies + Random Objects

I don’t really get the point of these cards but I like ‘em! This is what Brian Hoffman says about them – A series of 7 printed cards targeting various US state agencies. These cards are used as an initial point of contact to develop