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Ink Injected Bubble Wrap

SO COOL! I love the close up of those little bubbles plump with bright colored liquid. I’ve always had a thing for bubble wrap and now, I might have an excuse to save it (besides reusing it to send packages, of course.) See more pics

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A Cubicle Christmas

These cubicle-inspired christmas decorations are from an LA Times article a few years ago. I’ve never thought of making stockings out of bubble wrap or sticking tacks into an apple or make a star out of paper cups or a post-it note garland(!).

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best of office weekend roundup 72

USB christmas lights!!! From Cox and Cox Hudson – Against The Grain from Dropbear on Vimeo. Playing Cards + Post it Notes + Book Rings -52 Reasons why I love you present I want to bike at my desk! Buy this (minus the bike) here

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bubble wrap painting

I love bubble wrap and I was excited to try out the bubble wrap painting activity I saw on this blog until I remembered how painful it is to drag out paints and lay down newspaper. Instead, I cut my bubble wrap into small squares

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Bubble Wrap Keeps You Warm

Heating bills are expensive! It’s no joke. As much as I love saving energy and hate spending money on utility bills, I always have to crank the heat in the winter. (Except for living in NY because the heat is general free, building controlled, and

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Bubble Wrap = Online/Offline Fun!!!!

Another thing in life that never gets old no matter how old you are- bubble wrap. Today I thought a lot about bubble wrap and realized that in a perfect world, I would have bubble wrap that you can pop and pop and rechargeable