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make your own desk calendar

I’m always debating what the best way is to keep track of my calendar and things I need to do. Sometimes I just keep track in my head (which kind of works), really important, far away plans go in as a reminder in my phone, and I’ve tried various forms of written calendars. I tried [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 18

Happy Halloween to everyone! I apologize that this post is so late into the weekend. Once October hits there are so many activities and plans. So hard to balance it all! I also am sorry to say that this post has an excessive amount of videos. Look out! How to eat your food during the [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 17

I can’t get enough of this pic from bobbdobbs! Who knew that star wars characters are always fighting off staple removers? Made from carved pencils! From Telegraphartcollective on Flickr Ten types of bad bosses on Calendar notebooks with a zipper pocket for stuffing all those papers and things you alway lose. From Well Appointed [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 14

A cute way to make a bucket list on Have an Epiphanie Make a pencil case out of chip bag? Sounds greasy but cool! On Sustain Lane Marbelize Paper tutorial on Skip To My Lou. A very 80s looking totelocker on the Rubbermaid Blog Can you imagine someone transporting all the water bottles at work [keep reading…]

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Calendar Time

My co-worker found this great post – Simple Numbers, Complicated Dates -which lists 49 CALENDARS. I won’t make you sit through that. But I will show you some of our favorites. Warning: After reading this post you may feel overly inspired to draw or make your own calendar. Like I do. Here’s our top 9: [keep reading…]

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Beautiful Calendar for 2009

Satsuma press just released a beautiful new calendar for 2009. titled ‘pattern + texture’, Satsuma’s new letterpress calendar was inspired by the owner’s love of Japanese textiles and vintage fabrics. These calendars are each made of 100% cotton paper. Even though these days most of my calendars are digitalized, looking at these beautiful calendars definitely [keep reading…]

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Chandler’s Academic Calendar – A Tribute

You have probably never even heard of Chandler’s Notebooks. In fact, in this age where you have seen exponential growth in the digitalization of all previously physical mediums, the chances are high that you have probably not even touched paper notebooks for a while. However for the select few who have grew up in the [keep reading…]