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Beautiful Water Lilies Made with CDs

I think a lot about what will happen to all those extra CDs we have lying around. We have a few packs of CD-Rs that are sitting in the bottom of our filing cabinet. They’ve probably been there for a couple of years! (I remember

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 88

Handmade Wall Mounted Pencil Holder Organized Ikea Office Supplies A jolly nice envelope :) Fancy Scissor Holsters from Westcott Easter gifts made from office supplies! See them all on Shades of Tangerine Baseball helmet desk organizer – Office Freaks Rooster desk organizer Ikea Car Organizer!

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best of office weekend roundup 87

Binder clip trap for a paper polar bear – Link I love these leather tabs that you can attach with binder clips and paper clips – Link Make easter eggs with a hole punch and some glue! Instructions on Daily Activities for Kids USB powered