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True Love for Feather Dusters

I’m not one to poke fun at people. But.  Does this guy love that he sells feather dusters or what? You might remember a blog post I did about picking the right ostrich feather duster. You probably don’t. The tips I had were from a

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Picking an Ostrich Feather Duster

I’m surprised I haven’t brought up this disney movie before. Beauty and the Beast = my favorite Disney Movie. I came across this article on choosing an ostrich feather duster and the first picture that popped into my head was Babette the feather duster from

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Replace Your Janitor with Gadgets (Nicely)

Tomy Dustbot: The Robot from the 80s Every office I’ve ever worked in has always had their own cleaning service or janitor. I assume it is much easier than giving every person in an office a specific job- just like assigning everyone different kitchen duty