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best of office weekend roundup 78

She pounded nails into scissors, impressive! Link A calendar to unravel everyday on Letterology If you talk with your hands a lot like this, I hope someone adds piano sounds to your desk. If your browser looks like this, your computer is probably really slow.

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Finnish Design Shop for Your Office

I can’t remember how I found the Finnish Design Shop but I like of a lot of their products! I think I initially saw their Note Boards which are basically magnetic chalkboards. You can write on them with chalk and stick on papers with magnets.

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Fancy Michael C Fina For Your Office

Looking for a super fancy office gift? Hit up the business section of Michael C Fina. I’m more of a cat person but I love that beautiful black lab paperweight. And that gecko letter opener is very classy. There is nothing that shows your loyalty

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hive modern for your office

Bright colors with a cool vibe. I like Hive Modern! If I could choose one item, it would be… the multi-colored coat rack! no. The magazine rack that looks like a beautiful red flower! Or maybe that orange desk. Which one is your favorite?

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Cheer up at the office

So I don’t want to make you that cheery, because that’s just annoying. But it’s been rainy in NY for the past week or so and the forecast says at least a couple more days of rain and I definitely need a boost! I’m a

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Office Supplies Design Winners- IDSA 2008

 The following are winners of IDSA‘s 2008 IDEA ( International Design Excellence Awards ). The below chosen few designs are particularly office environment oriented, which I hope will inspire our blog reader to the possibilities that are inherent in your everyday office cubicles. Jelly Click