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Fabriano For Your Office

Lots of pretty, colorful office supplies from Fabriano Boutique! My favorites: Glass Box Sharpeners Crab Drawing Set Circo Notepads Leather Meeting Set Multicolored Folders Fabriano Elastic Bands

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helga nicolas’ pencil creations

There have been a few times where I felt tempted to save my pencil shavings which seems ridiculous but look at the beautiful things you can make with them! Helga Nicolas uses pencil shavings, pencil leads, and even grinds up colored pencil leads and combines

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best of office weekend roundup 67

I am not a spider person but this seems Halloween appropriate – get it at the Smithsonian Store This necklace is made with paper clips! Tutorial + the Kid Version I really like this font made with post-it notes found here This is the truth

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stubby pencil studio

Stubby Pencil Studio has the cutest supplies for kids. What makes them even better is that a lot of them are made with recycled products or they are somehow good for the environment. I think it’s great that you can see everyone slowing shifting towards

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best of office weekend roundup 49

Cute school supply socks! Link Need some dice? Use a pencil! On Lifehacker Alphabet bookcase! On Oh Me Loves Worst way to get fired. With a you’re fired flag gun – Cubicle Bot Frequency of use keyboard sculpture – Cubicle Bot Standing sounds nice sometimes.