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best of office weekend roundup 58

How to use old cd cases! As bagel holders! Link Cutest little desk seen here Mail a bottle of colored pencils and school supplies! From the Giver’s Log Loving this Tumblr seen on Secretary4Life called Brokers Hands on Their Faces Back to School 2011 made out of paper! Check out new work from Jared Schorr [keep reading…]

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david poppie’s colored pencil paintings

Colored pencils seem to be very inspirational and useful for artists. Not only do many sculptural artists use them for different projects, so many beginning photographers post pics of colored pencils on flickr. We must be inspired by the bright colors and the simplicity of the pencils or something. I love how David Poppie’s pencil [keep reading…]

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A Back to School Bed

I’ve been spending a lot of time with moms with young kids this past week and I’ve been learning a lot! It always makes me sad to think about kids being afraid of going to school/not liking schoo. I came across this super cute bed set from Bed Toppings which would be such a fun [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 55

I want to make a colored paper confetti martini! Tons of colorful pics on Color Me Katie Bling bling copier on CubicleBot Portraits made out of pencil shavings on Junk Culture Dress made with fountain pen nibs! Link Best use for stamp pads! Finger print invitations. Link 13 Tips for giving a well organized and [keep reading…]

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Amazing Colored Pencil Necklaces

Let’s be honest, are you in shock like I am? At how someone could make so many amazing things with colored pencils? I can’t get over it. See all the pics on the artist’s website – Iris Tsante