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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 157

Bird pencils by Ed Ruscha A real pencil skirt Awesome gif Not sure who designed this, if you know, tell me! Monitor when the coffee was made with two cups – Lifehacker Fun Neon Dixon Ticonderogas! A mouse with a click you can feel! M&M

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 123

I love this whole grain mustard pen case And this clipboard mirror!! Flat cords that can go under rugs! Yanko Design Cute pencil afghan! A mouse that clips on your laptop! I love this browser whiteboard! Cork outlet plug Teach your kids area and perimeter

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 121

Enter to win 1000 bucks in Duck Tape’s Stick or Treat Contest! Details here. Yes Costume ideas for the office! I love the leftovers costume! What to do with old ring binders on the Samsill blog Lovely cubicle partitions It would be fun to make

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 119

A post dedicated to pink pearl erasers on Design*Sponge! I’ve never seen or tried a vertical click mouse but they sound like a nice idea! Lifehacker A pink sentry security chest! Lots of cool notebooks at the Pulp Shop I love this idea for wall

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 113

Love this crayon clip! Pencils Down Rug Oversized Scissors! ‘Son of William Tell.’ Photocopy reworked with marker and correction fluid. | Peter Meller. Link A disposable stapler? New quirky product! This would be a dream to have. Read more about it on the Quirky Blog

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Garfield for Your Computer

I read a lot of Garfield comics when I was a kid – both in the newspaper and comic books I had. I won’t say I’m a die hard fan but Garfield does hold a special place in my heart. Call me crazy, but those