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Urban Camouflage Paper Monster

This made me laugh so hard! (Especially the part in the video when he climbs on to the display) I love people that have too much time on their hands. (via Us Versus Them) I just found some other urban camouflage stunts they’ve done! Check out their website here

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best of office weekend roundup 76

Prettiest thumbtack ball – Link Klipnotes are a cool idea! More info on their website That’s a nice way to relate snow to office supplies – Link Make cute notebooks with vintage card covers as last minute gifts! Instructions on Design Sponge I have saved this image to share forever. The cutest ideas for wrapping [keep reading…]

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4 Art Projects Made by Joel

Browsing Made By Joel’s blog is inspiring. Something about kid’s toys and projects makes me feel so excited and just want to start making toys out of everything in my apartment. His kids are darling and he’s so creative. Of course I’m always on the look out for projects that incorporate office supplies. (that way [keep reading…]