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Five Supplies From Bloomsbury

Today I would like… 1 – A Lime Green Anglepoise Lamp 2 – A Set of Matchstick Pens 3 – A Bull Eraser 4 – A Manifesto Tin of Pencils 5 – A Paul Smith Vintage Swirl Notebook ..all from Bloomsbury!

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best of office weekend roundup 83

Pretty, pretty colored circles – Link Make this pretty board with silver thumbtacks – Link “The invaders attack your office! Use your finger to destroy them all before your boss does not come back!!!” Office Attack App Best, mild office prank – Cubiclebot Furniture Pin

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B4 It Was Cool Desk Lamps

The name of this vintage industrial lighting shop makes me laugh every time I read it. B4 It Was Cool. Are they are saying that they started selling vintage industrial items before it was cool? (I’m not sure if that’s the story behind the name

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Finnish Design Shop for Your Office

I can’t remember how I found the Finnish Design Shop but I like of a lot of their products! I think I initially saw their Note Boards which are basically magnetic chalkboards. You can write on them with chalk and stick on papers with magnets.

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best of office weekend roundup 74

Pharmacy Lamps! I want one of these for my desk. See a bunch of them at This Old House A lovely office supply decorated tree – Link Nice labels – Link Don’t you wish this was your building? Link Turn your pencils into popsicle sticks