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MoMA worthy office supplies

I will admit upfront that I don’t love going to museums and I’m always wondering how they choose what goes in there. (I do like to go to museums just not love. And I’m hoping to stay around an hour each time I go.) Somehow

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Garrett Wade for Your Manly Office

These office supplies from Garrett Wade immediately made me think of The Art of Manliness Blog. Some of them I have never even seen before! Like Cross Band Rubber Bands and Document Fasteners (the grommets look so classy!) And of course I’m dying to get

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brook farm general store

I really like going to general stores in small towns so the name Brook Farm General Store definitely caught my eye. A lot of their products seem kind of modern with a hint of vintage, if that makes sense. I would love to get some

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Luxo Jr. in your office

A few days ago, my husband and I watched The Pixar Story and loved it. You can watch it on Netflix Instant Queue and it’s just over an hour long. The movie reminded me of how many great Pixar movies have come out! I love