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anthropologie and diy with ticket rolls

I was doing a little bit of holiday shopping in Soho this weekend and my friend and I went into Anthropologie. They always have great decorations, everyone knows that. I was especially excited to see what they have done with admit one tickets! They had

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make your own desk calendar

I’m always debating what the best way is to keep track of my calendar and things I need to do. Sometimes I just keep track in my head (which kind of works), really important, far away plans go in as a reminder in my phone,

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best of office weekend roundup 23

Paper corn fields from Upon a Fold How to know you are at your last job from Work Awesome Get a bubble wrap tie and get out all that stress at work – from Cubiclebot Work out while you work! With the Deskmate I like

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best of office weekend roundup 9

Nothing worse than being stuck in miniature traffic at work. Photo by Erik Rasmussen How to recover your Filofax (not required: making it really really girly) Found at Violet’s The Philippines love Mongol Pencils! I have not heard of this brand but I guess if