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best of office weekend roundup 68

We’ve mentioned Herb Williams before but these Crayon Wildfire Sculptures are so cool! See more pics on Design Boom J-Me has some really cool products. I like the key door stop! Quit your job using a marching band. I felt kind of stressed out for the guy when I was watching the video – seen [keep reading…]

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Draping with Duck Tape

I am still so excited about our Duck Tape Giveaway, thinking about all the great people that will win tons of tape. I’ve been staring at my stack of silver and hot pink Duck Tape, trying to think of the best way to try it out, and I remembered seeing tutorials online for making your [keep reading…]

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Massive Duck Brand Tape Giveaway!

I’m super excited about our weekly giveaway for this week which is sponsored by Duck Brand Tape! I actually received a box of some of their brightly colored duck tape this week and I love the hot pink and the zebra. I’ve also used some of their packing tape which works great. (My husband is [keep reading…]