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Green Gift Wrapping

No one loves to wrap presents more than I do. Seriously. I love saving ribbons and tissue paper and cool newspapers written in foreign languages and boxes, etc. For those I really love, sometimes I’ll pull out a piece of my beloved fabric to wrap

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Follow Him for 365 Green Ideas

Recently I came across a blog with a dedicated environmentalist. 365 Days to Go Green He doesn’t seem like one of those people you talk to who are snobby and all about living a “green life,” just someone that is realistic and makes a small

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7 Ways to Become Solar Powered and Real Stylish

[Santa Monica’s Solar Powered Ferris Wheel. Yeah not in your budget, sorry] Using solar powered items just makes sense. Why not get your own energy for free from the sun? The only issue with solar powered gadgets (and well a lot of the green gadgets