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NPW Stationery

NPW has a very colorful website! Looks like they only sell wholesale items but I couldn’t resist sharing some of these things. Like sticky note index fingers – so cool and so scary at the same time. I wouldn’t mind a fishy pencil sharpener either.

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 104

Cute little box bug I would totally wear these vintage eraser bobby pins Beautiful vintage french wooden pencil box Nice rubber band painting I like this ear cuff made from a paper clip Pretty pink staple remover Check out Pentel’s “find the golden Energel” giveaways!

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7 Goodies From Village Vanguard

1 – Giraffe Tape Dispenser (one of the weirder things I’ve ever seen) 2 – Paper Clip Pens 3 – Dinosaur Erasers 4 – Lamb Pencil Case 5 – Animal Pencil Cups This post is a little late because I just had my first battle

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Westcott Supplies – Pink or Purple?

I was looking at the craft section of the Westcott website a few days ago and found myself thinking pink or purple? Everything is pink and purple! If you love pink and/or purple you can shop for pink and purple westcott supplies on our site.

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 94

Make little eraser cars! So cool, I want to do this. Family Fun Behold the Perfect Pencil! Make a butterfly bracelet with paper clips – Instructables This is a Post it Note Drawing I want to make some pretty Sharpie rocks Catapult Pencil! Fun Desk