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Real Simple Ideas for New Uses in 2012

Did you catch our post from last January about Real Simple’s new uses for office supplies? Here are some more new uses for items you have around your house! (Someday I will own a pasta maker to make pasta AND to shred beautiful paper, just like that pic) 1 – Pasta Maker becomes a Paper [keep reading…]

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Gomu – the New Eraser Trend

I may have to eat my words but I had never heard of Gomu erasers until yesterday when I saw them on the FAO Schwarz website. Did you know that you can buy/trade Gomu erasers and you get points in Gomu Eraserland? Maybe we should start a point system for owning different office supplies. 5 [keep reading…]

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Red and Turquoise Office Supplies

Cotton On carries office supplies that aren’t red and turquoise but I guess that’s what I was drawn to today. I was amazed how many cool items I found under there Typo section! And if you live in Australia, everything is really cheap (I’m not sure what the exchange rate is between USD and AUD) [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 67

I am not a spider person but this seems Halloween appropriate – get it at the Smithsonian Store This necklace is made with paper clips! Tutorial + the Kid Version I really like this font made with post-it notes found here This is the truth – from Indexed A ceiling light made with tons of [keep reading…]

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Megan Whitmarsh’s Fabric School Supplies

I know we are all a little “back to school”ed out (especially me) but I couldn’t resist sharing these cushy school supplies made by Megan Whitmarsh! (found via Junk Culture) The great news is that you can actually buy some of these little masterpieces in her shop! Maybe I can convince her to make me [keep reading…]