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I bought an eraselet!

So I missed out on the National Stationery Show and I’m still mad at myself for it. I live in New York and I could have gone for free. Dumb dumb. I was happy to see some pics of different products from the show on

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Paper Mate Pearl Erasers

I got caught in the “back to school section” trap at Kmart on Saturday night (really cool for a Saturday night right..) and found myself staring at the white pearl erasers. I swear I’ve never seen them before. And of course, I had to buy

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A Back to School Bed

I’ve been spending a lot of time with moms with young kids this past week and I’ve been learning a lot! It always makes me sad to think about kids being afraid of going to school/not liking schoo. I came across this super cute bed

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elizabeth duffy – office supply artist

These art installations by Elizabeth Duffy aren’t so in your face and colorful as the normal stuff we share but I like them because they are kind of weird. The one above is made with hole reinforcements. Made with pencils: Made with pencils: Made with

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Office Supplies Color Match v.6

I thought it would be fun to challenge myself for these next few color matches and try to do them using items at my house. I love old books and old book covers and this first one actually belonged to my great-grandpa. The second one,

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pretty supplies from kate’s paperie

I’ve never been inside any Kate’s Paperie stores but they look amazing from the outside! I found a lot of fun things on their website today and it was hard to stay focused on only office related items. A lot of the items I picked