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highlight your clothes

My freshman year of college I fell asleep on an open highlighter while studying in my bed. I woke up to a HUGE circle of bright yellow that bled through my sheets and mattress pad. This would have been fine except that I lived in

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wear rain boots to work

Last year I was heading to work on a rainy day and I accidentally wore flats. My feet were soaked, my socks were soaked, and I just felt sad. So, I went to Daffy’s and bought some ok looking rain boots. Actually, less than okay.

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Work Attire from Lands End Canvas

Growing up, we got piles of Lands End catalogs in the mail. Nothing said summer like picking out my swimsuit or fall like picking out my fleece jacket from the current Lands End catalog. I fell off the Lands End wagon around highschool and haven’t

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Work Attire inspired by the 1940s

Something about the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s is really special in my mind. Maybe it is because I wasn’t alive during the time and I just romanticize about how simple life was and how clothes were well made and beautiful. Edelweiss by Sarah is a

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The Sartorialist: Get Creative with Office Fashion

Today’s fashion post is for men and women. The Sartorialist is one of my favorite blogs to read because you get to see what people are actually wearing on the street (not just what fashion designers think we should be wearing), all over the world!