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Four New Avery Products

Look at these new things! 1. Avery Lift and Slide Tab File Folders 2. Avery Lift and Slide Tab Hanging File Folders (this is a great, great idea) 3. Avery Adjustable File Racks 4. Avery Cubicle Wall Files (that you can remove and clip back

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FolderFolder Looks Like a File Folder

I really like the simple shape of a file folder. Folderfolder, designed by Yongjin Kim, uses the file folder shape in two ways – a lovely wall file and a planner. Actually, I think just a planner but doesn’t that first picture look like a

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The Up Filer

I wish I could explain how badly I want this. I would have posted the video on our blog but you can only watch it on their website. Buy it for a $150 here. Isn’t this such a great idea?

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best of office weekend roundup 83

Pretty, pretty colored circles – Link Make this pretty board with silver thumbtacks – Link “The invaders attack your office! Use your finger to destroy them all before your boss does not come back!!!” Office Attack App Best, mild office prank – Cubiclebot Furniture Pin

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Red, Black and White from Barker Creek

I’m not a big fan of flashy, cheesy designs for office supplies but I love these polka dot and checkered file folders and library pockets from Barker Creek. (They have lots of cheesy patterns too if you’re into that) I think these would make the

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A Cubicle Christmas

These cubicle-inspired christmas decorations are from an LA Times article a few years ago. I’ve never thought of making stockings out of bubble wrap or sticking tacks into an apple or make a star out of paper cups or a post-it note garland(!).