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School Supplies from Top Shop

I’ve been to the Top Shop store a few times in Soho and it’s always a loud party in there. They have some really cool school supplies (or office supplies! depending on your office style) which you can purchase online here. Sadly a lot of

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o’bon eco friendly supplies

All of the supplies from o’bon are made with recycled newspapers or recycled sugarcane pulp or recycled cardboard, etc. I love the bright colors and the animals and I can totally picture myself stuffing my backpack full of this stuff when I was kid. Check

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Rememer Pee-Chee Folders?

I think Pee-Chee folders are so cool! Sadly, they were a little before my time. I’d actually never heard of them until I was reading a blog about school supplies and saw them. My husband recognized them immediately and he said his sisters always had

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*etsy* office supply find – May 9

The design is great and they are super durable because they are made with sailcloth! Which means they won’t fall apart every school year and force you to buy new ones. Check out all the folder options on RaggedEdge Gear’s Etsy