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Get The Best Umbrella Out There

Here in New York, it rains a ton! I’m not used to this weather. You either need a hood or an umbrella almost everyday. Sadly I own a cheap umbrella from the Pay Half two doors down (one of those ones that doesn’t really curve

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You Can Pimp My Cuuube, Pimp My Cube!

Wanna Pimp Out your cube? Here are some funky ideas to turn your boring cubicle into your very own Pimpalicous Palace that will make you the hottest and most talked about stop on the way to the water cooler! First: get some metallic paper or

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5 Monday Morning Gadgets

Monday mornings are always interesting. Either you stayed out late all weekend and your exhausted or your weekend just wasn’t long enough and you wake up wishing you had done more of that! Anyways, here are some geeky products, perfect to brighten your day. The

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New Whiteboards are now password protected

Interactive whiteboard have been replacing conventional whiteboards in many corporations and schools. Electronic whiteboards are large interactive display that connects to a computer and projector. A projector projects the computer’s desktop onto the board’s surface, where users control the computer using a pen, finger or

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Gadgets for Both Your Office and Home

Let’s talk versatile. Most of the things you get for your office are probably of no use to your home and here are some cool, versatile gadgets that will better your office AND your home. USB Drink Holder. When your coffee gets cold because you

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Coin-Shaped Usb Drive

Lacie has a habit to come up with innovative designs for its products that may or may not appeal to some, such as the 2001 monolith-like hardrive, the flower vase hub, or the boat air vent speakers. This time around, they are releasing a usb