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The Croc Phone

Oh Crocs. What a great invention. I won’t tell you my personal views on Crocs but I will tell you that these cell phone cases are so ridiculously great that I am almost considering purchasing one. A mini Croc for your phone or camera or MP3 player! What a dream, what a blessing. Plus you [keep reading…]

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Belkin Cases for the Kindle & iPad

We carry all the good Belkin products – cable adapters, wireless routers, surge protectors, etc. But I have yet to see these beautiful cases on our site! If they ever show up, you’ll be the first to know. Read more about each one here

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2 Ways to Tote Around Your Lappy, I mean Laptop.

[Do people really use lappy to describe their laptop? How ridiculous, I mean great] We’ve all seen different contraptions to help you stand while you work. Mobile Laptop Desks & Laptop stands adjust for every situation. After our “sit or bounce” blog post, I’ve thought about it how it would be even better to be [keep reading…]

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Wake up Geek Style (w/o this face)

Besides the rain, this is just a tough time of year. It’s almost summer and it’s hard to wake up for work/school/life. I usually have to create more than one way to wake myself up. Currently, I have two alarms set in my phone plus I don’t have curtains on my windows yet. When I [keep reading…]