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Get The Best Umbrella Out There

Here in New York, it rains a ton! I’m not used to this weather. You either need a hood or an umbrella almost everyday. Sadly I own a cheap umbrella from the Pay Half two doors down (one of those ones that doesn’t really curve

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Top 10 Best Coat Racks for Your Office

Well, actually I put in 17…there are too many good ones! I’ve always thought coat racks were over rated. I would like to take back that thought and share my love for coat racks. They eliminate the need for wasting 20 seconds to put your

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Office Futurism

What do you envision in an office space in 10 years? It is one of those questions that give you goosebumps, isn’t it? Here are four nifty items that may give you some insight. Apple has made a few attempts in intergrating iPods with fashion.

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Coin-Shaped Usb Drive

Lacie has a habit to come up with innovative designs for its products that may or may not appeal to some, such as the 2001 monolith-like hardrive, the flower vase hub, or the boat air vent speakers. This time around, they are releasing a usb

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Crtl + Alt + Snooze

With this very simple, yet effective design, designer Santiago Cantera’s Escape Clock brings unity with  office . Find no tiny snooze button but a huge Escape button to hit on in the morning for a couple extra minutes of sleep. The snooze/clock button is connected

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Keyboards from 20000 Leagues Under the Sea

I am always amazed by all those who work long hours to customize their own computers cases, laptops, ipods, … This keyboard began its life as a very rare IBM Model M-15 split ergonomic keyboard like the one below, and was customized to look like