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computer birthday cards

I think these cards are so cool! Very appropriate for a co-worker or friend. You can buy them from Venerate on Etsy for 3 bucks each. p.s. I guess I’m getting old.

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Business Gift : Great Business Gifts That Make Business Sense

  Small gifts or tokens can be an effective way to say thanks for the extra effort, to apologize for a mistake or oversight, to celebrate the completion of a big project, or to acknowledge a promotion or special award. While any thoughtful gift will generally be appreciated, it makes good business sense to give [keep reading…]

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Office Valentine’s Day-Red Swingline Stapler

Valentine’s day in the office is much different than Valentine’s day in elementary school. If only we could come with decorated boxes and cheap treats and cards for each other. Sometimes I’m still tempted to buy those Power Ranger valentines for all my friends from the store. Especially when they come with a pack of [keep reading…]