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Office Supplies Color Match V.10

I discovered this office dominated by nature on the Athas Blog. It was created by Tres Birds Workshop in downtown Denver to encourage people to come outside for fresh air breaks and stop being chained to their desks! The installation made up of part vintage

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Eco Party Boxes!

Lately I’ve become more and more stressed about using tons of paper products. I just feel like I’m using a tree and throwing it in the trash. I will not say that I’m really good about choosing the right products and being perfectly “green” but

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st. patrick’s day green goodies

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at your office? Of course you have to wear green to avoid getting pinched. But do you do anything else? Order some st. patrick’s day cupcakes? Maybe you do nothing, which is probably normal. But what if you celebrated

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Green Office Supplies Under the Radar

What do you think of when you read the term recycled office supplies? Paper? Maybe some plastic? More paper? Well, not only has the “standard” green office supplies you’re used to, but also many more that you wouldn’t think of. The usual suspects of

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best of office weekend roundup 7

A few months ago we blogged about decorating your fridge with post-it notes. Design*Sponge had a great interview this week with David Stark (the post-it note fridge guy) about some of his favorite supplies and the way he organizes his time. (He likes recycled post-it

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Yummy Office Lunch and Lunch Container Ideas

Last week we hosted a Omaha Steak Gift Certificate Giveaway from Pentel (sorry it’s over!) We asked all those who entered to tell us their favorite work lunch and we had some great responses. To be honest, the entry rules were somewhat inspired by the