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Halloween Giveaway Preview

Every few days, little boxes full of orange and black items show up next to my mailbox. I am beyond excited about our Halloween giveaway this year! I spent some time choosing my favorite orange and black items to package all up and send to our winners. I can’t give too many details now, so [keep reading…]

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Office Supplies Color Match V.9

If you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of in love with neon colors lately. Luckily, there are a lot of office supplies that are neon and most of them match perfectly with my collection of highlighters! Below are some neon items from my boxes of supplies that I love. You can also check out my collection [keep reading…]

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Three New Office Supplies

I spent a lot of time near Michigan State last week and was lucky enough to wander around one of the bookstores next to campus. I almost walked out with a million different things but settled on three items: a Roaring Spring Rainbow Swirl Pad, a Staedtler Highlighter, and a Stabilo pointVisco. I can now [keep reading…]