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best of office weekend roundup 69

Haha- Link I’m hoping I will get to see one of these crayon/colored pencil sculptures in person someday – Link Don’t be this guy at the company birthday parties (It is kind of cute when you’re little though) from Cubicle Bot Not that I like

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best of office weekend roundup 68

We’ve mentioned Herb Williams before but these Crayon Wildfire Sculptures are so cool! See more pics on Design Boom J-Me has some really cool products. I like the key door stop! Quit your job using a marching band. I felt kind of stressed out for

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Maurice Mbikayi’s Keyboard Art

Artist Maurice Mbikayi’s work with keyboards is so cool. The profile of the girl below and the last picture of the guy with measuring tape brains are my favorites. 5 years ago I probably would have thought man this artwork must cost a lot of

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posts from the past: 2009

6 months ago I did a post titled Posts from the Past: 2007 & 2008. I guess it is probably time to share some posts from 2009 that some of our newer readers might have missed. This is actually the exact time I started working

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10 ways to clean your dirty keyboard

It’s so hard to keep keyboards clean, no matter how neat and tidy you are with your lunch. (All those under-achievers out there who actually eat on their lunch breaks instead of eating with one hand and typing with the other, well I they probably

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Win the Fellowes Cordless Combo!

This weekly giveaway is sponsored by Fellowes! Let’s be honest. Wireless keyboards and computer mice are in, computer cords are out. Fellowes has a great set – the Microban Slimline Cordless Combo – which is a wireless keyboard + a wireless mouse! How does it