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Win a Lunch Cooler Full of Avery Products!

Our weekly giveaway for this week is sponsored by Avery! They are giving away SIX Lunch Cooler Totes (complete with salt/pepper shaker, utensils, & napkin) full of Avery products! Here’s what will be in each tote: Heavy Duty EZD 1″ Binder, Black Extra Large White

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 140

The perfect eraser lid! Evil iPod Print Hello Kitty label maker New weird tumblr to follow – The Lives and Deaths of Academic Library Staplers Tic Tac Box is the perfect pencil sharpener companion! Beautiful artwork made with thumb prints – Judith ann Braun

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 139

Anti-Stress Reliever Sweet pen holder Cable organization with binder clips and magnets Assault Writer Weapon made with Ballpoint Pens Hippo Stapler Sponge map by Jeffrey Allen. Cool and gross at the same time! Junk Culture Jenn Garland – Wood for the Trees Most comfortable moment

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 135

Take a work nap on this desk. Use a rubber band to keep your door from latching! (great for a baby bedroom!) Use a kneadable eraser to remove scuffs from floors and walls! Clean a dry erase board with baby wipes! Lots of scotch tape

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Hello My Name Is…Stuff

I’ve always liked Hello my name is labels (more the bright colors and the happy Hello than actually wearing one.) I did a little search for “hello my name is” and found some pretty cool stuff! Button Tote Bags Backpack Napkins iPhone Case

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best of office weekend roundup 82

A chair as a ruler, yess – Link I would love to have this colorful circle of office supplies around me. More pics on Brooke’s site. Make pretty string with sharpies! Link Cute flash card calendar Love the pencil sharpener – Link A clay to-do