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Avery Dots as iPhone Camera Filters

I still think it’s kind of crazy that apps like Instagram are so popular. 10 years ago would we have thought a grainy, blurry picture was cool? Either way, it is kind of fun to take pictures and make them look a certain way without

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mailing labels are awesome

My current goal is to make our readers and customers as nerdy as I am. Today I’m obsessed with the fonts and designs on these mailing labels. If I could order a few, I totally would. Sadly, we only sell them in big cases. I

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alison foshee’s label creations

More than 2 years ago I did a post entitled Office Supplies Art: Not Just the Normal Stuff. It was my first post about art created using office supplies and it began my hunt for everything office supplies related. I included pics of Alison Foshee’s

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New office supply finds

While I was spending time with my husband’s family in Bear Lake, we took a little drive over to this tiny town named Montpelier and visited KINGS. Every year his family goes there to buy random toys or craft items. It’s basically a big value/discount

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industrial stickers are awesome

My dad is an electrician. Did I already tell you that? We grew up with tons of cool junk to play around with and my dad was always building something. I’ve always loved these industrial alphabet stickers he had and I would use them to