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Decorate with Avery Labels

I live in a big apt building where it’s customary to leave the stuff you want to giveaway in the lobby. A few days ago I grabbed an envelope of Avery mailing labels knowing that I would figure out something to do with them. Last night, when I was watching The Office, I decorated a [keep reading…]

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*etsy* office supply find – May 19

Great little vintage labels from Dennison..the special little ones with angled corners! Each gummed label measures approx. 11/16″ x 1-1/16″ this listing includes ten (10) vintage labels. Buy them on Etsy from silverfishstudio

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Avery on TV!

I was very excited to see the new Avery commercials on TV a few days ago! Why was I so excited? I guess that is kind of weird. Watch: I love love Avery Label Pads and Avery NoteTabs. The packaging and the actual product are beautifully designed. Great colors, great functionality! I wish I had [keep reading…]

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Label Your Spices with Avery

You’re thinking we are trying to make a huge push for Avery products right now, aren’t you? I promise that we love Avery just like we love all the rest. This post was inspired by one of our product reviewers who said.. “The product was shipped the next day after I ordered it and it [keep reading…]

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Office Supplies Art: Not Just the Normal Stuff.

Pencil Sculptures It’s amazing how pencils can be transformed into sculptures that look like scary sea creatures.  Visit Jennifer Meastre’s portfolio to see the entire collection. She has a whole section of pieces made with nails! Push Pin Art Made by Alison Foshee. I seriously contemplated buying a ton of push pins and covering my [keep reading…]