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best of office weekend roundup 79

I know these mouses are not practical but they make me so happy. Mouse Envy A happy collage of office supplies – Link Merry christmas to this office! Link I would love a duvet cover I could draw on – Link These headphones look like

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best of office weekend roundup 36

Make a cool, unusable wooden laptop – seen on Recyclart Colored pencil zipper on Flickr Paper clip chandelier! Seen on ManMade DiY Awesome pencil shoes. Recyclart How to do an employee evaluation on Work Awesome Nice little collection of cool office supplies. Click Okay Great

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4 Kantek laptop cases to giveaway!

When you buy a laptop, you immediately have the extra cost of buying a case. Some claim “oh I’m not going to take it out of the house! ever!” but a few weeks after purchase they’ll want to take it to their friend’s house or

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Kensington Notebook Case Giveaway

Our weekly giveaway this week is sponsored by Kensington! It seems like every time I drag my laptop somewhere I never have a good case. I’m always throwing it in a tote or wrapping it in a sweater and putting it in my bag, hoping

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Creative Laptop Sleeves

Laptop sleeves have become another accessory of fashion as diversity in range and style increases. They are no longer only the protective enclosing for your precious new laptop but have become just another outlet for one to show. Moreover, i find it interesting that a

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Eco Friendly Laptop- Asus Eco Bamboo Notebook

Brought to you by the same people who recently mesmerized the world with their ultra portable and affordable Eee PC, Asus recently again proved to be the trendsetter among the conceptually-challenged PC industry by launching a super stylish, yet environmentally friendly laptop, the Asus bamboo