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Makeover your Desk in Red Giveaway!

Our weekly giveaway for this week is sponsored by Aurora! I’m really into red lately and I’m excited that we are giving away a whole set of red desk accessories to three winners! Think about how nice your desk could look! Here’s what will be included in each set: – Aurora ProFormance Crocodile Embossed Letter [keep reading…]

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Leitz Allura Desk Collection

I’m usually not a fan of corporate looking desk accessories but lately I’m really into clear, acrylic office supplies and I love the blue highlights! Sadly, we only sell the Leitz Allura Stand Up Stapler on our website. You can view of the rest of the collection on the Esselte website. (In case you didn’t [keep reading…]

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Kopiad Desk Accessories

These pictures of Kopiad Desk Accessories by Boxit Design are so beautiful I’m tempted to print them out and frame them! I’ve seen a lot of cool designer office supplies over the past few years and it’s exciting to see some big designers creating office supplies for familiar brands (Martha Stewart for Avery, Karim Rashid [keep reading…]

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Red and Turquoise Office Supplies

Cotton On carries office supplies that aren’t red and turquoise but I guess that’s what I was drawn to today. I was amazed how many cool items I found under there Typo section! And if you live in Australia, everything is really cheap (I’m not sure what the exchange rate is between USD and AUD) [keep reading…]

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Ferm Living Office Supplies

Ferm Living is a Danish company that went from doing graphic design to designing products when Trine, the founder, was redecorating her house and having a hard time finding products that she liked. I love the mix of the dark wood with the light green and the bright patterns that they use. The two items [keep reading…]