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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 117

Gorgeous masking tape dress on Burdastyle! Sad Take apart your stapler and repaint it! Design for Mankind Love these soup can pencil cups! Tons and tons of envelopes by Andrew Bush 7 DIY School Projects Sleeve art :) Hi Rise – extra storage! Lifehacker A

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Written with Tape

You can do the coolest things with tape! Both of these tape words are by Anna Garforth. Play More looks like it’s made with color packing tape and Wild at Heart is made with masking tape.

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Fancy Masking Tape

I got this idea from Sara’s blog – DIY Sara – and had to try it out for myself. Here’s her post – DIY Deco Tape – all you need are sharpies, masking tape, and wax paper (optional if you are comfortable doing it directly