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Momoro for Your Girly Office

Next time I come across this stuff in person I just need to buy it! I know it would make my life happier which would definitely be worth the money. These girly goodies are all from the stationery section of Momoro. I really want one

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Patriotic Mouse Pads

Represent your favorite country at your office with these flag mouse pads from 10×10. The american flag mouse pad is totally calling my name – especially because the fourth of July is next week!

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Herdy for Your Office

These colorful little lamb supplies are really making me feel happy this morning. I even downloaded one of their desktop wallpapers for my desktop! I think everyone should have office supplies that make them happy, and those Herdy mouse mats would definitely make me happier

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The Moominvalley Shop

I can’t stop saying moominvalley in my head. Do you pronounce it mooo – min valley? I hope so. These are some goodies from the Moominvalley Shop which is the official webshop of the Tampere Art Museum Moominvalley in Finland. The museum is based on