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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 94

Make little eraser cars! So cool, I want to do this. Family Fun Behold the Perfect Pencil! Make a butterfly bracelet with paper clips – Instructables This is a Post it Note Drawing I want to make some pretty Sharpie rocks Catapult Pencil! Fun Desk Tankbot Once you finish the eraser, you find a fossil [keep reading…]

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 93

Holy cow, I want this desk organizer zen garden. They have a few different colors on Etsy Make a desk tray from cardboard boxes – Lifehacker Another cool pencil holder! Get it on Etsy This is kind of grossing me out but it would be a nice pencil case for a hot dog lover. Get [keep reading…]

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Meninos for Your Office

Not too many office supply themed items to share from Meninos but I couldn’t resist sharing File Folder Placemats and File Folder Mouse Pads. Plus, hard drive cases! I’ve never seen anything like these before.

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pretty supplies from kate’s paperie

I’ve never been inside any Kate’s Paperie stores but they look amazing from the outside! I found a lot of fun things on their website today and it was hard to stay focused on only office related items. A lot of the items I picked out are actually on sale! (sadly, the eraser dice are [keep reading…]

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girly school supplies from modcloth

It’s okay if guys like these too! Modcloth is great website for girls with lots of nice dresses, shoes, and I just recently discovered – cool stuff for your desk! Find all the goodies below on their site – **And if you are reading this post from your email or google reader, make sure [keep reading…]

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DIY Mousepad makes your mouse very happy

20 bucks says the mouse pad you’re using right now says Intel on it or Microsoft Windows. And it’s blue. Or if you’re like me you don’t even have a mouse pad, your mouse just collects dust as you move back and forth on your desk. Some people are mouse pad people and some aren’t. [keep reading…]