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Win an HP Mini Notebook for Daddy!

Father’s Day is this Sunday (you didn’t forget, right?) and you probably already have a present (right?) but why not win him an HP Mini 110 Notebook and give it to him as one of those extra presents? This week’s giveaway is sponsored by HP and we are all about the Dad’s. One thing that’s [keep reading…]

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Your Office Supplies Dreams Come True!

We just gave away a brand new HP Netbook and we can’t help but recognize all the pure love for office supplies out there! It sounds so nerdy, but we love to know that people are passionate about office supplies (just so we don’t feel so bad about our passion.) We’ve watched your tweets and [keep reading…]

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I Love Office Supplies Giveaway!

In the spirit of Valentines Day, we’d like to give you the opportunity to let that inner geek express their true love for office supplies! We all know how much you really love your swingline stapler and stare at all the time. Or how you love the color of a particular pocket folder and get [keep reading…]