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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 112

I love this horse stapler! Cute push pop glue sticks! Mmm pencil cake By Armando Testa Notebook nails Pencil city Pretty flower pencil tops! Use plates for mini dry-eraser boards! Nic Cage office prank ?encil Elephant pencil sharpener/pencil shredder I like this homecoming present! Or

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 108

A little notebook pouf! Orange tape dispenser Easier way to grip a binder clip Awesome Funnel Pen Sticky notes from Madewell Tiny sony paper clip ad London Bus stationery holder Cross stitch desk accessories Nice desk I like this cord holder Have a great weekend

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Momoro for Your Girly Office

Next time I come across this stuff in person I just need to buy it! I know it would make my life happier which would definitely be worth the money. These girly goodies are all from the stationery section of Momoro. I really want one

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 97

6 really fun fashion DIYs using office supplies! See all the projects here Nice ad for tape via I love sticky tape Desk organizer made from cardboard – link I love the colors of this old swingline stapler Paper clip portrait Pretty trash can from

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Herdy for Your Office

These colorful little lamb supplies are really making me feel happy this morning. I even downloaded one of their desktop wallpapers for my desktop! I think everyone should have office supplies that make them happy, and those Herdy mouse mats would definitely make me happier

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Office Supplies for Delta Fans

I haven’t had a flight with Delta in a long long time but every time I see their logo I think about flying as a kid and I try to remember what that was like. I did a post for JetBlue fans a few weeks